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Our family is in love! Corky has transitioned into our family seamlessly. It’s as if he has always been with us. We are so thankful to foster mom Marilyn for giving him so much love because he is the sweetest, most loving dog a family could have! He gets a ridiculous amount of love at home everyday, and he has playtime with other dogs on a daily basis. Everyone who meets him falls in love! The entire process has been a great experience! We feel so very fortunate to have him as part of our family. He is perfect! Robyn Gurney / Oak Bluffs MA

Aayla is such a sweetheart and she has fit into the family beautifully. She has been with us for 3 weeks and has already settled into a great routine. She had a blast in her "first snow." We love having her with us. It was our first time rescuing from out of state and some people thought we were crazy, but everything in the adoption process went smoothly and we have no regrets, whatsoever. Thanks so much, Lori Green/ Attick MA

All is good here and Cookie has adjusted nicely to our family. The boys love her and so do my husband and I! Cookie is so sweet and friendly to everyone she meets and she has been a great hit in the neighborhood. She is a great little addition to our family. We especially appreciate foster mom Jeanne Duckworth and also Mike for making this a great adoption experience. Heidi Christmas / Braintree MA




Elvis is amazing! From the beginning of our journey together, our family continues to fall in love with him. Our sons Isaac and Jonathan love to play fetch with Elvis, not to mention the grown ups too. Our other dogs are becoming quite attached as they continue to bond with Elvis. He's such a smart loving dog with a feisty personality. We couldn't have been blessed with a better fit for our family. We'd like to extend an extra special thank you to foster mom Amy Silberberg who played such an integral part in preparing him for his forever family.  Thank you Mike at Dixie Dog Rescue for all the tireless hours he spends every week to ensure these very special animals find their loving forever homes. Millisa Petersen / Mont Vernon NH


THIS IS COOKIE'S SISTER! Things are going great with Candy. She is one very bold, charming, active and funny little girl! She seems to love her home environment and all of our family and pets. She and our lab Cody have finally figured out how to play with each other and they have a ball. They chase each other around and play tug of war! It's hilarious to watch! We have taken Candy with us on our walks in the woods and to the beach. She isn't afraid of anything and sticks right with us fully of energy. We're so grateful to you and foster mom Jeanne Duckworth for the wonderful care you gave Candy and all of the other dogs who enter your lives! You're truly an amazing organization of people! Leslie LeVan / Boxford MA



Teddy is so perfect for our family, here he is with my daughter Rose. He's now best pals with our other dog Otis and is even doing well with the cats (or maybe I should say the cats are doing better with enthusiastic Teddy!). He's the perfect addition to our family and we can't thank you enough and especially Joan Allison in Memphis who did a wonderful job fostering him.  All the Dixie Dog Rescue volunteers are so special and we are very grateful for our new family member. Kathleen Forde / Boston MA


Rocky is home safe and sound! He is already very comfortable with his new surroundings! We love him sooo much!! Thank you Dixie Dog Rescue for all your hard work, and a big hand to foster mom Kim Reid you did a wonderful job, and to PETS Transport for bringing him safely to us despite the blizzard!  We love our new boy! Amy and Adam Roche / Woburn MA